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The Provincial Zeya Scenery Area, which is a national AAA-level tourist area, is known as the "West Yandang Mountain". It's located 18 km northwest of Wenzhou City, covering an area of 90.32 m2. The scenery area comprises 8 scenic areas (Seven-waterfall Stream, Zeya Lake, Jinkeng Gorge, Paper Mountain, Gaoshan Horn, Qiyun, Xishan, and Wufeng) and over 230 scenic spots. In recent years, centering on the theme of "Millennium Paper Mountain and Poetry & Paint-oriented Zeya", the "1 circle & 2 lines" tourism system has been established for the Zeya Scenery Area: tourism encircling the Zeya Lake as well as the Bailiqun Waterfall tourism line and Paper Mountain paper-making experience line. The focus is on protective development to fully develop the ecological tourism and rural tourism, promote the traditional history and culture of the scenic spots, tap their potential of landscape and functions, and enhance development of Zeya as a suburban recreational tourist area in Wenzhou.